Time Sensitive

timeHow can you ensure your goods will arrive on time?

Many problems facing our clients are ensuring that goods arrive on a specific date to their customers.  At Freight Managers Inc., we make it our mission to try to meet these needs.  Our clients trust us with some of their most critical shipments.

Often the client will advise Freight Managers Inc., that they are expecting the goods to be ready on a specific date and they will provide Freight Managers Inc., with the shipper’s contact information.  A couple of days prior to the estimated completion date, a representative from Freight Managers Inc. will contact the shipper to ensure everything is on schedule for the estimated pick up date.  Freight Managers Inc. reports any issues back immediately to their client.

I can’t tell you how often shipments are supposed to be ready on a certain day and they are not. By keeping the client informed of delays they may not otherwise have known about, they are able to plan for the interruption.  Often there may be construction crews arranged to install the product on site,  so the advance notice that is provided by Freight Managers Inc. saves the client money since they are able to reschedule the crews based on the new completion date of the material.

There are also times when little or no notice is provided.   I had a client who had to do a mill shutdown. I was contacted at 10:00 am and needed to have a truck pick up the GTA area by 2:00 pm that day and rushed to site.  I was able to meet this requirement and it did not cost the client anything additional.

Freight Mangers Inc. has over 20 years of experience dealing with carriers.  This industry knowledge has allowed us to weed out the bad seeds from our database so that at Freight Managers Inc., we only use carriers who have a proven track record.  Freight Managers Inc has already done the leg work on the carriers so you don’t have to.   Prior to contacting a carrier, they must complete the Freight Managers Inc. registration system.

You can relax knowing you are good hands with Freight Managers Inc.