Remote Locations

remote-locationsOne of the challenges when delivering material to remote locations is how isolated the location can be. Often times, cell phones and other forms of communication are not available which is why it is extremely important that only experienced drivers are used. These locations take safety very seriously and do not look politely on having cowboys running the roads possibly endangering the lives of their employees and other motorists. It is important that you contract a carrier who is familiar with the conditions of the roads and this is especially important during winter months.

Freight Managers coordinates almost all of the flatbed shipments for Goldcorp Musselwhite Mine so we understand what is involved in delivering to remote locations.  Many of the carriers that we use have spot tracking GPS Systems or the drivers are equipped with satellite phones to ensure there is a constant flow of communication.

The items that we arrange transport for are not only high valued but sometimes have lead times for replacement parts of up to 6-7 months, so we understand the sensitive nature of the materials and we ensure that they are only shipped with reliable and safe carriers.