Where can I ship with Freight Managers Inc.? 

Freight Managers Inc. can assist with shipping within Canada, and to and from the United States by truck and rail. Points beyond North America are served by ocean and air carriers. At this time we do not service Point to Point within the United States

Can Freight Managers Inc gain access to any type of equipment? 

Freight Mangers Inc., has the resources to access all types of equipment required to transport your shipment

Who invoices me for the shipments? 

Freight Managers Inc. invoices you for all contracted services. All charges are fully audited to insure your bill is accurate and eliminate the need to use a freight auditing service.

What about liability? 

Liability for your shipments remains with the contracted carrier. However, your agent can offer you additional insurance if required and will be there to help you quickly resolve any potential claim. All carriers used by Freight Managers Inc., have had their insurance and authorities confirmed by 3rd parties

Is my company information private? 

Freight Managers Inc. will not sell, submit or otherwise divulge your company information to any other party. Carriers will receive aii shipping information and instructions through Freight Managers Inc.