consolidatedFreight Managers is committed to doing our best to move your freight as cost effectively and carefully as possible.  Below are some stories on how we have helped to make our purchasers more efficient.

Several of our clients ship high end furniture from points in the United States.  When a supplier calls, Freight Managers Inc. will contact the client to confirm that there are no additional orders they are waiting for.  We do not ship until the client gives us the go ahead.  Often the client will have several suppliers based within the same geographical area, so we will often coordinate pickups at multiple shippers in order to reduce shipping costs and also saving on customs clearance costs.

“Freight Managers Inc. has been servicing our North American freight transport needs for almost a decade now. Their customer service is top notch, Angela is always on the ball. We are always kept informed about our shipments receiving pick up, in-transit and delivery notifications. Most importantly, they understand how fragile our fine furniture products are, and they ensure that our shipments are handled by the most skilled carriers out there. We are very pleased with Freight Managers and would highly recommend their services.”
Nella Deluca – South Hill Homes

We have also saved our clients money by consolidating flatbed shipments onto B-trains. Since you can only haul 45,000-48,000 lbs on flatbeds between the United States and Canada, we will bring two flatbeds into the nearest point in Canada and consolidate onto a B-train, thus saving the client the cost of that extra truck.  We arrange the crossdock, loading and the coordination of the trucks.

Freight Managers Inc. also arranges much of the flatbed transportation to Goldcorp Musselwhite mine. The challenge with Musselwhite is the remote location.  In order to save on transportation costs, Freight Managers Inc. ensures that the trucks are full prior to shipping to the mine.  The mine has arranged that the suppliers have one point of contact, which is Freight Managers Inc.  This ensures that the purchasers at the mine are not bothered with unnecessary calls and can devote their time to more urgent matters.  The purchasers receive a daily load sheet from Freight Managers Inc. that advises them of what has been arranged and when it is delivering.  Freight Mangers Inc. will consolidate all the shipments from shippers in the same geographic region in order to optimize the space on the truck;  in one instance a supplier shipped two reels on two separate trucks from Toronto to Thunder Bay.  When the freight arrived in Thunder Bay, Freight Mangers Inc. had the reels transferred onto one truck thus saving the mine thousands of dollars in freight.